A week in the wilderness.....

We booked this break to get away for my 40th birthday. We chose this site as it promised luxury accomodation (with hot tub) whilst being able to take our dog. As these lodges only opened at the end of February 2014 we didn't know what to expect, as we couldn't find any reviews on them. I'm writing this to hopefully help future holidaymakers in their decision to come here, so here goes.

There is approx 65 holiday lodges on site with a main Reception/cafe/shop and laundry room (cost £3 per washer and £1 per dryer). The site has been built within the Bherwood Forest Pines park, which is quite a bit of a walk to get to from the cabins. The main activity surrounding these cabins is walking and cycling or you could simply just relax within the trees and enjoy your hot tub! Which is exactly what we did (or tried to do with 3 young children!).

We had a 3 bedroom 'Golden Yew' style which was classed as their most luxurious (it had towels supplied, slippers and bathrobes in the master bedroom - ideal for the hot tub journeys). It was a single storey detached lodge with sufficient parking for 2 cars. Our party consisted of myself, my husband, 3 children aged 3yrs, 7yrs and 8yrs and our black Labradoer 'Benny'.

The trip to the cabins from the main road was a very bumpy one to say the least! We had a 4x4 and we still felt every pot hole. I think this needs to be addressed for future visitors, as a sporty car would not cope with the 'road'. Surprising as its supposedly a 'new' road.

On entering the cabins we were pleasantly surprised by the rooms. There were high ceilings throughout with lovely large floor to ceiling windows in the living room. The kitchen was well equipped, but lacked work surface and cupboard space. There was only a small freezer compartment in the fridge - which had a limited size for food too, especially if wanting to put drinks in. The bedrooms were adequate in size, with comfy beds. The only negative on these were the bed heights. I had to jump up onto our bed - they were that high, and my daughter fell off her bed twice and badly hurt her arm, so we had to push both twin beds together to make it safer (this can be done if you lift the dividing shelf off the wall). I would also advise people to take their own pillows unless you like to sleep on high/deep hard pillows.

The bathrooms were clean, but again the height issue has to be raised again, as the sinks were very high Maybe the designers of this accomodation were giants??. There was no step supplied for children to stand on to wash hands/do teeth, making it difficult for any child to do these chores without being lifted up.

There was a lovely log burner in the living room, but there was a large stone step built on the floor around this area - obviously for fire reasons, but this caused a danger for young children to trip over as the area of the stone step jutted out into a walking area of the living room. Also there was no guard around the log burner, so children needed to be watched at all times when it was lit. The heating was supposedly worked by thermostat, but we found it didn't start working until 9am in the morning and was intermittent throughout the day, making it never warm enough (we went in late April and it constantly rained). We found an overide button in the airing cupboard, so we kept it switched on to make the lodge warm enough. Off the kitchen was a lovely decked seating area outside and a great sized hot tub. The hot tub area could be sectioned off by a gate which was a good idea to keep dogs and small children at bay. The hot tubs are not very private, as most hot tubs were overlooked by neighbours, passing cars or walkers, depending on which lodge you were in. We were in lodge 67, which backed onto a walkway and woodland, but were quite private from neighbours, so we had no complaints about our location.

Shortly after we arrived, we were visited by a park employee who went through the lodges set up (hot tub/telly etc). There was only one telly in the living room, with no dvd player with the use of a Wii games console. At reception they gave us a couple of remotes with batteries and a game to use for the console, but when we got to the lodge and tried to use them, the batteries were dead. We were informed that you could purchase an 'in cabin' entertainment package for the price of £29.95 for the weekend which would give us a choice of on demand movies, internet access (with wifi) and Sky Sports 1,2,3 and 4. With the price we paid for the lodge for the weekend we expected all of these things to come for free - not have to pay extra for them. Also, we'd bought a variety of our own dvd's to watch but obviously couldn't.

We paid for the package, as we wanted to use the wifi facility, but wish we hadn't bothered as the connection was far too slow to be of any use. If you want to use your mobile phone whilst on the park, then think again, as there is no mobile phone coverage (we were on Orange). There are no internal phones within the lodges either, so if you had an accident or emergency, you would have to walk to reception to get help! As no-one is there after 8pm at night, then lets hope if you were unlucky to need help it was before this time. An emergency phone number is put up in the reception window for out of hours use, but what good is that if you can't use a phone anyway?? Bizarre.

All in all, a few things could be improved with these cabins to make it a more pleasurable and stress free experience for families. If you are a couple or adults only party and want a get away from it all break, then these lodges are definitely for you. The lodges are lovely as still practically brand new, and if they were made more child friendly I would definitely go back.

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